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Jak Michael Ryan

Ballroom and Latin Instructor




Jak was born in Melbourne, Australia.  It's safe to say Jak was always supposed to dance given his parents were Australian champions and his aunties and uncles were world semi finalists, all of which owned a dance studio together!

There was clearly no escaping a pair of Cuban heels and a lifetime in the Ballroom/ Latin world. 

Jak's career began being coached by his family.  Jak's dedication earned him many titles in Australia, all whilst honing his teaching skills in the family studio and schools around Australia. Teaching was always just as important as learning for Jak.

At the age of 18 , ever hungry,  Jak decided to venture to the United States to form relationships and gain knowledge from some of his favorite dancers and the top coaches in the business.  From then on,  Jak continued to be absorbed and pass on information from some of the best dancing minds of all time. 

Jak has dedicated his entire life to the purity and authenticity of Latin American dance. 

Jak takes great pride in entertaining, educating and empowering.  His mission

has always been to create dancing you can feel instead of just see whether it be his own or empowering others.

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