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Meet the Team

All of our talented and experienced instructors give 100% to our students, training technique as well as integrity and discipline.   

DI Team Photos 202124414.jpg
Linda Holland

Owner/Founder/Artistic Director


Dance Institute Team Photos
Gay Pollock

Assistant Artistic Director

DIPA Company Instructor, Jazz Instructor

2011- Present

DI Team Photos 202124367.jpg
Willy Shives

Ballet Instructor and Coach


Christina 2022_edited.jpg
Christina Simkovich

Ballet, Modern, Contemporary Instructor

2020 - Present

Dance Institute Team Photos
Denis Generalov

Ballroom and Latin Instructor

2008 - Present

DI Team Photos 202124454.jpg
Lauren Hawkins

Academy Administrator,  Ballet Instructor

2018 - Present

Stephanie 2022_edited.jpg
Stephanie Longo

Assistant Director

Contemporary/Jazz/Ballet instructor


DI Team Photos 202124312.jpg
Daielma Decker

Ballet Instructor and Coach

2019 - Present

Mekenna 2022_edited.jpg
Mekenna Hearn

Assistant Academy Administrator

Tap Instructor

2021 - Present

20190928-11104 1.jpg
Aleksandra Hilss

Ballroom and Latin Instructor

2014 - Present

Lacee 2022_edited.jpg
Lacee Johnson

Hip Hop and Jazz Instructor 

2022 - Present

DI Team Photos 202124346.jpg
Rebekah Weishuhn

Pilates Instructor

2021 - Present

Andrea Williams 

 Ballet Instructor

Dance Institute Team Photos
Hayward Johnson Jr.

Hip Hop Instructor

2022 - Present

Brett Ishida

Guest Artist

Shanna Fragen

Contemporary /Modern Instructor

DI Team Photos 202124282.jpg
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