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Mary Ann Ebler

Zumba Instructor


Mary Ann Ebler began studying Tap and Ballet at the age of 5 in Whitestone, NY just outside of New York City. Five years later she and her family relocated to Puerto Rico where she studied Flamenco, Ballet and Jazz at Sanders Dance Academy.


By the age of 12, Mary Ann was on full scholarship and an assistant teacher for the baby ballet and beginner jazz and flamenco classes. At the age of 15, Mary Ann became a principal dancer for the Sanders Dance Academy performance group. With the Sanders Dance Academy, she performed Argentine malambo, flamenco and folkloric dances from South American countries as well as jazz.


After graduating high school, Mary Ann started her professional dance career with an Argentine Gaucho review and Marcelo's Fiesta Flamenca. This started a career that took her into many dance genres including working as a regular on television and as a back up dancer for guest artists. She danced at Radio City Music Hall as a backup dancer with Menudo and Madision Square Garden with the famous Puerto Rican performer, Iris Chacon. Growing up in Puerto Rico was beneficial to her as merengue and salsa were always the order of the day. Everyone danced!


Mary Ann returned to New York City as a young adult and continued her study of ballet and jazz. Mary Ann moved to Long Island, NY after getting married and taught Jazz at Orlando School of Dance in Huntington and also became a fitness instructor and personal trainer at the Huntington YMCA, Of course, with a dance and fitness background and the passion for Latin dance music, ZUMBA was a perfect transition. Mary Ann loves the music, the cardio workout and the incorporated dance moves. Zumba is for people of all ages and all fitness levels. Mary Ann's favorite Zumba motto is "Ditch the workout, join the Party!" - that sums it all up.

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