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Video Reels

The Beauty In The Binding 2022

NYCDA Nationals 10th Place

You Would Be  2022  

NYCDA Nationals 1st Place

Comme Les Anges Volent 2021

Farewell Lotus  NYCDA Nationals

6th Place

Crystal Fairies  

NYCDA National Technique Award

Rhapsody  NYCDA Nationals 2018

National Champions and IDA Winner

Architecture of Loss  2016-2017

NYCDA Nationals 3rd Place 

Nuit Blanche Teen Duet 2016-2017

NYCDA Nationals 10th Place

Come Rest Your Head 2016-2017

Mission Impossible

2015-2016 Ballet

Supa Beat

2014-2015 National Champions

Beginning of End

2014-2015 National Champion

Dare You to Move

2014-2015 Jr. Small Group 6th Overall


Forget Me Not

2012-2013 Teen Lyrical Large Group

Ruby Fairies

2013-2014 Pointe Teen Small Group

Dance, Dance, Dance

2013-2014 Jazz Mini Small Group

Tell Me My God 2022

NYCDA Nationals 4th Place

La Foule 2022  

NYCDA Nationals 7th Place

Fashionista 2022 NYCDA Nationals

5th Place

Etoille Polaire NYCDA Nationals

7th Place

Until the Levee NYCDA Nationals

2nd Place Lyrical

Arabian Treasure NYCDA Nationals

3rd place Jazz and Line

1st place Ballet 24 Seven

Four Dimensions 2016-2017

NYCDA Nationals 2nd Place

Fresh Senior Duet 2016-2017

NYCDA Nationals 3rd Place Lyrical

Every Heart 2016-2017

Groove Is In The Heart

2015-2016 Jazz


2014-2015 National Champions

Solid Ground

2014-2015 7th Place Overall

Business of Love

2014-2015 Jr. Large Group 3rd Overall

Purple Rain

2013-2014 Contemporary Teen Small Group

Ooo La La

2013-2014 Jazz Teen Small Group

It's Hairspray

2013-2014 Musical Theater Junior Small Group

House Of Cards 2022

Stars and Stripes 2022

NYCDA Nationals 2nd Place

Michael In The Bathroom 2022 NYCDA Nationals 2nd Place  Musical Theater

Reflections and Complexions

NYCDA Nationals 3rd Place

Instances of the Invigorated

NYCDA  Choreography  Nominee

Distant Constellations NYCDA

Nationals Critics Choice Nominee

NYCDA Houston 1st Place

Balance 2016-2017

NYCDA Nationals 3rd Place

Hieroglyphics Junior Trio 2016-2017

NYCDA Nationals 4th Place Ballet

Wild Swans  Junior Ballet 2016-2017

Let It Go

2015-2016 Hip Hop

No Where Warm

2014-2015 National Champions

Masquerade Waltz

2014-2015 Ballet 6th Overall

Paper Skin

2013-2014 Junior Lyrical Large Group

Can't Touch It

2013-2014 Jazz Junior Small Group

Bom Bom

2013-2014 Jazz Junior Small Group

Who Is It

2013-2014 Hip Hop Teen Large Group

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