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Jonas Vezia

Hip Hop & Street Heat Instructor


Jonas Vezia is a 20 year old Hip Hop Dancer from Northern California.  Jonas has a big personality and a strong passion for performance. As a child he was trained in Polynesian dance (yes, hula dancing), which taught him how to tell a story through movement. That, in addition to his natural ability to groove, helped develop his personal hip-hop style. 

In 2007, Jonas moved to Austin with his family where he would continue to train to become a professional dancer. He has learned from many people including Megan Winslow-Liles, Shepherd Allen, and many others. He has been teaching for 5 years. His goal as a teacher is that each person finds something new inside of them and/or discovers more of themselves than they had before. He hopes that all reach their ultimate level of self-confidence and self-acceptance through dance. 

This past year he joined a dance company and is now Captain of the team. He has choreographed for the McNeil HS Choir, Rock Revolution (hip-hop crew) & The Dragonettes (Drill Team) of Round Rock HS. Jonas has had the privilege to work with Brian Friedman, Sean Bankhead, Dejan Tubic, and Beyoncé. He has performed at the Dallas Hip-Hop Dance Festival [2013], World of Dance: Houston (2013) and SXSW. 
He is very excited to be able to join the Dance Institute Faculty and can't wait to share his energy and spirit with you!

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