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Roxanne Gage

Jazz and Drill Team Instructor
Roxanne Gage is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. She performed nationally and internationally with the Sharir Dance Company and was the Jazz dance instructor for the Company School. She also performed and choreographed with the Andrea Beckham Collaborative Dance Company. She is a dance instructor, choreographer and a regional and national dance judge for MA Dance, where she has celebrated over 30 years of experience with dance teams. She attended Kilgore College where she was a Rangerette Lieutenant and a “Swingster”, which are the top eight performing jazz dancers. She shared performances with Bob Hope, Ann Jillian, Rock Hudson, and Donny Osmond and even did High Kicks as an Honor Guard for Prince Charles of Wales. She worked with Sandra Bullock as an assistant choreographer for the pageant section in the movie “Miss Congeniality”. She is currently the rehearsal director for the Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company where she has been performing and choreographing for over 10 seasons. She is a faculty member for the Dance Department at Austin Community College and enjoys representing the dance department while teaching at the American College Dance Festivals. She continues to enjoy doing contract dance workshops, dance camps and competition choreography for independent school districts in the Texas area. She is passionate about living life to its fullest and sharing the love of dance with the universe.




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