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Summer Classes

Last Day of Summer Classes - August 11th   

Dance Institute's Children's classes are structured to strengthen the instinctive expression of movement we are all born with. Our classes develop strength and coordination through basic skipping and leaping to music, while also learning elements from a variety of dances which set the foundation for dancers of all levels. We encourage creativity through imaginative interaction and movements. Students are encouraged to aspire and excel!






Register Now:

Below are the links to our summer registration form and waivers. Please fill out and email to info@danceinstitute or drop off in person. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 512.346.6612!








All Drop in classes are $18.00/hour.


*A minimum of 8 hours must be purchased. 


 All Class Card Hours expire August 11th, 2022 and can only be used toward summer ongoing classes.  No refunds or transfers can be made.



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